The Perfect First Date for Each Type of Girl

Dear Men,

Most girls may seem excited to go out and have dinner with you post-movie, but not every girl wants that. There are exceptions like us. The ones who don’t expect you to buy a ticket to a chick flick because you think we would like that. The ones who would rather go to a theme park and ride a carousel with you – yes, we exist and we are bored with the casual date-night and three-course meal.

Just as there’s no one size fits all, we girls expect and deserve a little more effort than that. First dates don’t always have to be that way. Most of the time, it is too hard for us to pretend that we are having a good time when all we want to do is hail a cab and get home.


-Girls who wish for something a bit more exciting

Looks like the ladies have spoken!

First dates can be more than just an endless array of drinks at a bar or clapping to the live performance of a worn-out singer in a fine dine restaurant. No lies, both of those are quite enjoyable, but why do they have to be the only two choices open to men? Isn’t unappealing to do the same over and over again with a different girl? More importantly; you wouldn’t want to wake up with a hangover when you didn’t even get to enjoy the night.

Well, the feeling is mutual. Girls too hate the stereotypical first-date and secretly hope that the guy they plan to date is a tad bit different from the one they left.

A good first date sets the pace right. It allows for an engaging dialogue to build and a bond to form. It is the first impression and introduction you make of yourself, so why not make it good? Who knows, some months from now, you might well be proposing to the same girl on one knee with a diamond engagement ring on your hand?

To make that happen, you need to ensure that everything that leads to it is done right. You can’t do that if you get dumped the first night now, can you?

Know that not the same date idea will be loved an appreciated by every girl you meet. If you wish to take her to a paint ball event, you need to find out whether she’s even the least interested in such activities. If she isn’t outdoorsy, the date will be a complete disaster. Similarly, you don’t want to take her to an historical museum and bore her to death if she isn’t into such things.

Lucky for you, we are here to guide you.

You may find more than a dozen different types of girls you may meet as your potential partner but we have narrowed them down to 6 for your convenience. You can always ask for more help in the matter by leaving a comment the end and we will get back to you with impressive ideas.

The Many Types of Girls Out There

A Cheesy Romantic: (Gigi Phillips in He’s Just Not That into You)

This type of girl loves everything Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Sparks. She tears up on emotional scenes, loves to talk about the perfect man 24/7, is inspired by good lyrical tunes and is already imagining a family vacation in the Hampton’s in her imaginations. All in all, she is the one you take to a movie, a live concert, an opera, or out to the beach to witness a beautiful sunset in the evening.

A Shopaholic: (Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic)

This type of woman is all Prada and Gucci. Her conversations begin and end with them. She is always on the lookout for sales, discounts, coupon vouchers and other woman carrying a more stylish handbag than them. But beside all that, they can be super fun to hand out with. They have a very kind heart and love to compliment others for their efforts. They would love to go out and have drinks with you but you can’t beat the elated satisfaction they would get if you take them to the mall. They would love you for being so thoughtful.

Adventurous: (Elizabeth Swan in The Pirates of the Caribbean)

These are possibly the easiest ones to date as their personalities are the closest to that of a man. They would happily join you in cheering for your favorite football team, go biking with you, make faces back at the animals in the zoo, beat you at bowling, swirl better than many in advance classes, or dare you to ride with them on the most dangerous roller coaster in a theme park. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Nature Lover: (Rachel Kramer in The Big Miracle)

To them, being close to nature is how it was meant to be. They will woo you with their intellect when it comes to anything natural, tell you of scenic places you never even heard of, would love to show you around in a vineyard, happily pack a picnic basket to take it to the beach made from wholesome ingredients etc., make whale noises at a planetarium etc. You can ask them to go bicycle riding, invite them to street food contest, and go see a street fair or simply take long walks.

An Artist: (Allie Hamilton in The Notebook)

They love to draw, sketch and paint. Why take the elsewhere when you can go take a paint class together or visit an art gallery to interpret what the artist wanted to show through his/her paintings?

A Nerd: (Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries)

If the girl you have been set up with is a complete nerd, there is no better place than a museum library, book fair or a cute coffee shop to take them too. Such girls don’t like in places that are too crowded. They also like to plan everything in advance so be sure what to say when you are asked “Where do you see this relationship in the next few months?” or “What expectations you have from them?


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