UpgradingYour Diamond Engagement Ring


There are many brides who, after rediscovering their diamond engagement ring from their jewelry box years later, feel the same wonder, excitement and love as they did when they first set their eyes on it.  And then there are brides who don’t.

In fact, a few even start to wonder about what they were thinking when they chose that diamond engagementring for themselves. There is nothing to worry about though; as it is completely normal our choices and preferencesto change over the years. You may not like the same kind of music you did when you were in high school and that is okay. When we’re young, we are all in a different phase and the reality is pretty different after 10 years. Let us say it again, it is completely natural if you feel overwhelmed or bored while looking at your diamond engagement ring today.

1True, a diamond engagement ring is supposed to be a forever thing and many might tell you that you don’t need an upgrade, but at the end of the day, it is you who should like it the most! It is the symbol of the love you and your husband or fiancée share and if you can’t feel it just by looking at the ring, a little revamp might change that.

Currently, if you are in a Carrie Bradshaw situation and disappointed that the shape of the ring is nothing like the one you dreamt of or simply have just fallen out of love with it, here are some ways to bring the spark back.

GoFor A Bigger Stone:

With a few little adjustments, setting a new bigger diamond is one of the easiest ways to make your diamond engagement ring more noticeable and attention-grabbing. The jeweler will simply set a bigger diamond on the band, making it sparkle even more than before.

Add A Set Of Complimentary Diamonds On The Shoulder:

If the main stone isn’t the issue and the bland broad shoulder is just not appealing enough, just add a band of smaller cut diamonds to get that heavier looking feeling off the ring. The detailed new band will make any plain-looking diamond engagement ring more intricate and exquisite.

A Single or Double Halo Will Do the Trick:

2If a big-sized centre stone is out of your budget, you can simply make it appear bigger by adding a halo of small cut diamonds to encapsulate the centre one.

Change the band:

You can always opt for a band change by eithereliminating or adding more twists to your plain looking diamond engagement ring. Not only will it give the centre stone more definition, it will also give the ring a whole new look.

Change the Ring’s Setting:

Many a times, the setting on the ring is too impractical. The end result is that it is sitting in a cushioned box on your dressing table. Too high and it gets tangled in your hair and clothes, too low and it shadows the intricacy of the ring. Get it fixed with just a few adjustments that we will be happy to make.

Change The Shape Of The Stone:

Not a big fan of rounds anymore? Feel like everyone around you has the same cut? Get it replaced for another. A different shape will change the overall look of the ring but ensure that you get one that compliments your fingers and hands well.

Set Side Stones:

If a little enhancement or bling is all that you need, opting for smaller side stones is the perfect way to do that.Not only will that make your diamond engagement ring a three-stoned diamond ring, it will also up your ring’s status. You can begin wearing them to fancier occasions like charity galas, balls or socialite parties and get everyone talking about it.  When opting for side stones, you can either go with trilliant princess cuts, round tones or tapered baguettes etc.

Mix up your Metals:

Did you know you can also have the metal remade on your old ring?  This can be done by taking the metal from your ring and re-melting it to change its color. So, if you no longer like the yellow band on the ring, you can always have it melted into something subtler, like rose, platinum or silver.

So whether you’re upgrading your own ring or even updating grandma’s ring, consider these options and you’ll surely be happy with the outcome!

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