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March Birthstones: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

As early as time itself, people have associated each month with one or two specific birthstones, claiming that each has a significant impact on the person’s personality born in that month. Whether it is true or not, this time, we are taking a look at the birthstone of those born in March. Surprisingly, people born in this month have two birthstones–aquamarine and bloodstone—whose details have been described below.


Since many years, aquamarine has remained the symbol of love, unity, strength and fidelity. Capturing both the essence and color of the sky and sea water, many believe it embodies eternal life. This is one reason why most couples choose this stone in their diamond engagement ring or wedding band. 1 It is also known to promote peace and calmness in the beholder. It can most commonly be found in Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, Mozambique and Zambia.

A Little History about the Stone…

For centuries, it has been believed that aquamarine protected sailors during their voyage. Its calm color keeps the wearer levelheaded and calm. Many even believed that just by wearing this gemstone, one was protected from the venomous poison of snakes. Also believed is the fact that the gemstone helps in the reconciliation of differences, symbolizes love and unity, and keeps enemies away.

Healing Powers and Uses:

Aquamarine is known to emit a compassionate source of energy which promises deep relaxation and a calming liquidity to one’s soul and mind. The stone has long being associated with having magical powers that heighten one‘s awareness about truth and illuminate any hidden or unpleasant forthcoming situations so that one may prepare for them in advance.

As for its medicinal properties, it has been effective in reducing the addiction of drugs, prevent fluid retention in one’s body, strengthen one’s thyroid, kidney and spleen, improve vision and work as a toxic purifier. Many even say that when placed around the neck or any swollen area, this stone helps reduce the inflammation and swelling.

Many even go as far to suggest that by wearing one as a ring or a necklace, partners who have lost their way, reunite and work out their marriage by understanding each other better.


2Also known as the heliotrope, bloodstone is the second birthstone of those born in March. Bloodstones are nothing more than a cluster of crystals joined together to form a much bigger crystal. These are the most commonly found in India, Brazil and Australia, embedded in rocks or in riverbeds in the form of pebbles.

A little history about the stone…

Bloodstones were first used by the Babylonians to make amulets and seals. They believed it had multiple healing powers especially when the disease was related to blood disorders, thus the name. It is also believe that the stone was first created with Jesus Christ’s blood drops when they stained some jasper at the cross’s foot. The stone was mostly commonly used in divination by the Babylonians, while Egyptians called it the miraculous stone as they thought it magically defeated enemies.

Healing Powers and Uses:

As for its healing powers, according to popular belief, bloodstones were pulverized to be mixed with honey and egg whites to stop bleeding and heal tumors. Many also believed that this stone had the potential to remove a venomous snake’s poison from one’s body and predict the weather.

For many centuries, these stones have also been labeled as stones of courage as they improve one’s physical strength, calm anxiety and enhance a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. It even improves one’s financial state and promotes family love.

Furthermore, there are people who believe that bloodstone also prevents jealousy and fights evils. It is known to bring its wearer good fortune, love and prosperity while adding longevity. Some even go to such an extent to claim that the stone changes color when danger is near.

As far as its medical benefits are concerned, many use it to treat cases of anemia and blood-related disorders. It eliminates the chances of pus infections, neutralizes the body of harmful toxins, and strengthens one’s kidneys, heart and liver etc.