How High Is Your Stack? The Art Involved In Stacking Rings

It wasn’t long ago when we all went gaga over layered necklaces. As a follow-up trend, ring stacking took birth. Today, a majority of the teenagers and adults alike are looking for the best strategies to pile multiple rings with each other and are receiving positive compliments over social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook on their strategic creativity. Married women are stacking their diamond engagement rings with contrasting rings on the bottom or top middle of their fingers while girls in their twenties are busy showcasing and teaching others about the rules that must be followed in order to master the art.

But before we dig in to find out the answer to how high the stack can go and what factors must be taken into account, we are listing down the five very strict rules of ring stacking strategy that all must follow, whether going solo, piling up your bands or settling somewhere in between.

5 Definite Rules to Ring Stacking

Begin with your most favorite piece:

It could most definitely be your diamond engagement ring, a most frequently worn ring, a family heirloom, or anything else that is closest to your heart and means an awful lot. It deserves to find the most important spot. No matter how big or small, it needs to stand out, which takes us to the next point, mix and match metals.

Aim for balance:

It doesn’t matter if half of your ring stack involves gold or silver or white-rose colored bands, the key is to aim for a balance so that every piece looks like it was meant to be there and stacked strategically.

Or don’t:

If mix and match is not your style, you can always opt for a more polished look by going with a single color scheme. The only thing you will have to take care of is to ensure that a proportion is being maintained and not all thick or sleek pieces are stacked together.

Don’t worry about the symmetry:

The whole point of stacking rings together is to give your diamond jewelry pieces a little more attention than they usually get. What is most attention-grabbing, you may ask?  Asymmetrical pieces!

Don’t leave your thumb or pinky bare:

You can’t leave them bare. If not on both, as they may start to get in the way, you must choose between your thumb or pinky finger to complete the overall look.  This will add a little more interest to the design you have set.

How High Can You Go?

In an ideal world, the answer would have been as high as you can go, but since we don’t live in one, there is a limit to it. You can stack as many as 4 to 5 rings on a single finger but if practicality is kept in focus, two to three would do the trick. Higher than that and you might feel your finger choking under the burden of additional bands, rendering you helpless to even perform the simplest of tasks. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Therefore, as the saying goes, less is more. Whenever you are stacking rings, see if you will be able to carry the weight along. Lastly, overly-decorated fingers don’t always shout classy, especially if you don’t have the right finger or hand shape for it. Therefore, if you were to ask us, we recommend you go with the less is more statement by stacking minimum but the right set of rings together to grab positive attention.


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